Interior Design: Listing of LEED Certified Buildings in Toronto Ontario Area

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Dr. Maha Salman is a sustainability expert who teaches the subject at the Faculty of Interior Design program at the Academy. Recently, we sat down with her for an interview. Please see the post here.

Dr. Salman provides a list in this post of LEED certified buildings in Toronto and explains

Photo courtesy of the City of Mississauga website

the importance of LEED certification as our need for construction grows. Some commentators estimate that one-tenth of the global economy is devoted to construction, operating and equipping housing projects and office buildings. The building and construction sector is vital to the economy. This sector represents about 10% of the gross world product, provides 7% of the work opportunities.

Such demand consumes about 3 billion tons of raw materials each year. Buildings & construction sector consumes 50% of material recourses taken from nature are building related which means that 40% of the materials flow entering world economy is consumed in building. It also consumes a great deal of energy. About 50% of all energy used worldwide goes into buildings, with two-thirds of that used in housing sector. Most of the buildings, especially houses, depend on fossil fuel, directly or indirectly, for building operation. Building sector is responsible for 40-50% of greenhouse gas emission.

LEED Certified Buildings in the Toronto area;

Want to find out more?
Please RSVP for our talk with Dr. Maha Salman on Tuesday, May 31st at the Steeles Campus of the Academy of Design. 2000 Steeles Ave. W 7pm.

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